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Please feel free to sign our guest book. Your comments are always appreciated.    Congratulations to INDIAN NATIONAL KARATE TEAM Contingent For Their 1 Silver and 10 Bronze Medals Achievement In The 6th Commonwealth Karate Championship 2011,to be held on 30th & 31st of July 2011 at Sydney Australia. (Mr. Naval Dutta Joint Secretary of All India Karate Do Federation AIKF is leading the team as Team Leader(New Delhi), Mr. Vispy Kapadia will be the Chief Coach (Maharashtra) and the Team Manager cum Team Captain will be Mr. Aniket Gupta.(New Delhi)


Bharat Sharma

Indian Branch of :-
All Japan Shito Ryu Seiko Kai Association (Japan)
Member - KAI, SAKF, Asian Karate Do Federation & World Karate-Do Federation.

Recognized By :-
Karate Association of India
Recognized By:- Govt. of India (Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs)

Aniket Gupta


This site and is created by Sensei Aniket Gupta and dedicated to his Sensei / Teachers, Shihan Bharat Sharma, Sensei Wim Tewinkel, Shihan Akira Sato and Soke Seiko Suzuki. This is made possible only through their good wishes and grace.


For last fifteen years Sensei Aniket Gupta studied Shotokan, Gojo-Ryu, Shito-Ryu Styles of Karate, holding Black Belt 4th Dan from , WORLD KARATE FEDERATION - WKF, NF and Black Belt 4th Dan in JAPAN - CANADA. For the last 16 years he also won some championships of national and state levels he also participated in International events and seminars by world grandmasters.He is a qualified referee and judge of State , National & Seiko Kai Asia as well as Secretary Athlete Commission of Karate Association of India, Technical Secretary of Shito Ryu Seiko Kai Karate Do India , General Secretary of Sports Karate Do Organization India, Director of Xtreme Martial Arts India -XMA Academy India & EC Member of Karate Do Association of Delhi.


He is an officially authorized and technically qualified karate and self Defence instructor in India, trying to promote martial art the among the people of Delhi, India, especially the younger generation. and still practicing under the guidance and supervision of his Respected Sensei/ teachers Shihan Bharat Sharma

Sensei Aniket Gupta is teaching the art of Karate in Delhi for the last five years, having a deep knowledge of martial arts and it's forms. In this short time period he has prepared State, "NATIONAL" champions and South Asian, Asian & International players of martial arts from Delhi India.

We have our branches and qualified instructor in 90 - 100 National and International Pvt. Ltd. Company like InterGlove Aviation Ltd., "IndiGo Airlines" , Spicejet Ltd. "Spicejet Airlines" Etc..., 400 Public School, 27 State, 10 state police and Karate teams of Indian Army""C.R.P.F" CENTER RESERVE POLICE FORCE, The NATIONAL SECURITY GARD "N.S.G" Black Cat Commandos, & " Assam Rifles " and ITBP are also the members of our organization as well.

We hope our website will be much helpful to the people who like to learn martial art from qualified Instructors and Coaches of different arts and disciplines like Taekwondo, Kick Boxing, Kenpo, Judo, karate and other weapon arts in Delhi and all over India.

Shihan Akira Sato Deepak Misra Bharat Sharma Amreesh Sisodia Aniket Gupta Wim Tewimkle