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Belt Levels or Kyu in Karate-Do Shito Ryu

Yellow Belt (7 Kyu)
Orange Belt (6 Kyu)
Green Belt (5 Kyu)
Blue Belt (4 Kyu)
Junior Brown Belt (3Kyu)
Senior Brown Belt (2 Kyu)
Senior Most Brown Belt (1 Kyu)
Blcak Belt Sho Dan


Stances (Dachi) Colour - Belt Descripton
Heisoku Dachi Yellow Belt Feet together, close toe stance
Musubi Dachi Yellow Belt Feet together, open toe stance
Haiko Dachi Yellow Belt Parallel stance
Uchihachiji Dachi Senior Green Belt Haiko Dachi toe inward
Sotohachiji Dachi Junior Green Belt Haiko Dachi toe outward
Shiko Dachi Senior Yellow Belt Square stance (sitting on Horse stance toe outward)
Moto Dachi Yellow Belt Forward parallel stance
Zenkutsu Dachi Senior Yellow Belt Forward long stance
Kokutsu Dachi Senior Green Belt Back stance
Nekoashi Dachi Senior Yellow Belt Cat stance
Renoji Dachi Junior Green Belt L stance, heel on one line
Kosa Dachi Senior Green Belt Crossed leg stance
Sanchin Dachi Senior Most Brown Belt Uchihachiji Dachi one step forward
Fudo Dachi Yellow Belt Forward parallel stance

Kicks (Geri) Colour - Belt Descripton
Hiza Geri Senior Green Belt Knee kick
Mawashi Hiza Junior Brown Belt Round Hose Knee
Mai Hiza Senior Brown Belt Front Knee attack
Tobi Hiza Senior Brown Belt Jump Knee attack
Ken Sokuto Geri Yellow Belt Side, knife edge, lower area (knee level) kick
Mawashi Geri Yellow Belt Roundhouse, instep, middle area kick
Mika Zuki Geri Yellow Belt Crescent Kick
Ura Mawashi Senior Green Belt Half Round (hook)
Tobi Ura Mawashi Senior Most Brown Belt Jump Half Round
Ushiro Ura Mawashi Senior Most Brown Belt Back Round (hook)
Tobi Ushiro Ura Mawashi Senior Most Brown Belt Jump Spinning Round (hook)
Yoko Geri Senior Yellow Belt Side, knife edge, middle area kick
Tobi Yoko Geri Junior Brown Belt Jumping Side Kick
Mai Geri Yellow Belt Front Kick
Tobi Mai Geri Junior Brown Belt Jumping Front Kick
Ushiro Geri Senior Green Belt Back Thrust
Tobi Ushiro Geri Senior Most Brown Belt Jumping Back Thrust
Mai- Mawashi Senior Green Belt Front and roundhouse kick

Blocks (Uke) Colour - Belt Descripton
Jodan Age Uke Yellow Belt Rising block
Jodan Uke Yellow Belt Upper Block
Yoko Uchi Yellow Belt Forearm inward block
Soto Uke Yellow Belt forearm outward block
Wa Uke Senior Brown Belt Two arm circle block
Kosa Uke Junior Green Belt Crossed arms block
Kote Uke Senior Brown Belt Back of hand block
Ko Uke Senior Brown Belt Wrist block
Kake Uke Senior Green Belt Inside out, circle block with knife edge of hand
Yoko Uke Yellow Belt Forearm outward side block
Harai Uke Junior Green Belt Middle area downward
Shotei Barai Senior Green Belt Palm heel block
Hiji Uke Senior Brown Belt Elbow block
Shuto Uke Junior Green Belt Sword hand block
Gedan Barai Yellow Belt Downward block (when standing)

Hand Techniques (Tsuki/Uchi) Colour - Belt Descripton
Seiken Tsuki Junior Brown Belt Spear hand
Jodan Tsuki Yellow Belt Upper Punch
Chudan Tsuki Yellow Belt Middle Punch
Gidan Tsuki Yellow Belt Down Punch
Nidan Tsuki Yellow Belt Double Punch
Sambon Tsuki Yellow Belt Triple Punch
Tateken Tsuki Senior Yellow Belt Fore fist thrust
Uraken Tsuki Senior Yellow Belt Vertical fore fist thrust
Hiraken Tsuki Senior Green Belt Inverted fore fist thrust
Morote Tsuki Senior Green Belt Four knuckle thrust (leopard punch)
Age Tsuki Junior Brown Belt Two arm, two level thrust
Furi Tsuki Senior Brown Belt Rising thrust
Wa Zsuki Junior Green Belt Round house thrust
Ipponken Senior Most Brown Belt Two arm, horizontal circle thrust
Nukite Senior Yellow Belt One knuckle thrust
Shuto Uchi Junior Green Belt Sword hand (knife edge) strike
Kentsui Uchi Senior Brown Belt Bottom fist strike (hammer fist)
Uraken Uchi Senior Yellow Belt Back knuckle strike
Urashuto Junior Green Belt Inverted sword hand (ridge hand)
Hijiate Junior Green Belt Elbow smash

Direction Number Direction Name Direction Descripton
OneHidari YokoRight
TwoMigi YokoLeft
ThreeHidari Ushiro NanameBack Right
FourMigh Ushiro NanameBack Left
SixHidari Mai NanameRight Front
SevenMigi Mai NanameLeft Front

Kata Colour - Belt Descripton
Sai Itch Dosa Yellow Belt Kata of the People, Basic
Sai Ni Dosa Yellow Belt
Sai San Dosa Senior Yellow Belt
Sai Yon Dosa Senior Yellow Belt
Junino Yellow Belt Kata of the People, Basic
Pinan Shodan Junior Green Belt Peaceful Mind
"Peace & Harmony"
Pinan Nidan Junior Green Belt
Pinan Sandan Senior Green Belt
Pinan Yondan Senior Green Belt
Pinan Godan Junior Brown Belt

More Katas can be practiced in order to participate in the kata championships

Kata Colour - Belt Descripton
Giksai Itch Senior Brown Belt attack and smash the enemy
Giksai Ni Senior Brown Belt attack and smash the enemy
WanShu Senior Brown Belt Flying swallow/ Strong Arm / Dragon Boy
WanKan Junior Brown Belt Kings Crown
Naifanchin Shodan Senior Brown Belt hold your ground / Sideways fighting
Rohai Shodan Senior Brown Belt White heron/ vision of a crane / Crane on a rock
Bassai Dai Blcak Belt Breaking through the Fortress
Bassai Sho   To penetrate a fortress
Jurukyu / Shiveryu Senior Most Brown Belt 16 hands
Kuskun Dai   viewing the sky
Sinpa   New break or tear
Sanchin   "Three Battles". mind, body, spirit
Sai Fa Senior Most Brown Belt Final breaking point
SeiPai   18 Hands / Dragon Kata
Sienchin Blcak Belt The Calm within the Storm
Jin Senior Most Brown Belt sound
Jitte   hands
Jion   Temple
Seisan   Thirteen hands
Nei Pai Po   A White Crane
Gojushiho   54 Techniques
Suparimpei   108 moves
Sinseryu   36 hands

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