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Please feel free to sign our guest book. Your comments are always appreciated.    Aniket Gupta , Vicky Yadav and Sunil Rathee got selected for the 16th Asian Games 2010 National team @ China.


" When you are about to enter the arena think of the following three things:- 2.Win. 3.WIN "

" Respect karate, it involves deep study of mind, body and soul. leave it if you are doing it for hobby or time pass. "

" Think of it again practice of years to be proved in just only three minutes. "

" Confidence is not in the state of mind it comes from practice. "

" KIAI! Is not just a word its a winning shout, make it loud and clear. "

" When you are about to perform empty your mind from other thoughts only think about WINNING! "

" When you get a chance to score just think of a technique BANG! & its DONE! (Your body should go with your mind very fast). "

" When you practice try the difficult stances and positions from where you hardly score for example many students kick only with their right leg and right punch they rarely use other side. Try it! It will improve your fluency in combinations. "

" If you need help from outside the arena, Just look for your sensei he is only person can help you to win in hard situations. "

" Remember only three things can improve your Karate: 1. practice. 2. Practice. 3. PRACTICE "


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